Patna airport’s winter schedule released, 12 pairs of flights will be closed and some will change time, know details


The winter schedule of Patna airport is applicable from December 1.
12 pairs of flights will be closed, timings of some will change.
Visibility drops below 500 metres.

Patna. Dozens of flights to and from Patna will stop from December. At present, the number of scheduled flights from Patna is 52 pairs. Now it will be reduced to 40 pairs. A new schedule will be released from December 1, in which this change will be implemented. According to the new schedule, seven flights will be closed from December 1; While five flights are likely to be closed from December 15. All the flights that will be closed fly late at night and early in the morning.

The timings of half a dozen flights will also change in the new schedule. Instead of early morning or late night, many flights will land and take off in the afternoon or evening. Actually, the outbreak of cold becomes more in the month of December. Fog is being cited as the reason for the cancellation of 12 pairs of flights in the winter flight schedule implemented from December 1.

Significantly, in December-January, there is dense fog in and around the runway of Patna airport till late morning. Because of this, the visibility drops down to below 500 meters. At present, for the planes to land, visibility of at least one thousand meters is necessary here.

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Many times, due to low visibility and short runway, a large number of flights have to be canceled from Patna airport. The same situation persists even after 8 pm. In view of this, most of the flights that land before 10 in the morning and after 8 in the night are closed, while some flights change the time to land and take off in the afternoon or evening instead of early morning or late evening. .

As per the new schedule, it has been decided that maximum seven of the canceled flights will be on the Delhi route. Two more flights on Mumbai route and one each going to Chennai, Kolkata, Gauhati and Amritsar will be included in these. This change in the movement of about two dozen aircraft will naturally affect the air fare as well. When talked to most of the people of Patna traveling by air, they believe that the fare will increase further in the coming days and will directly affect their pocket.

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