Pilibhit: After coming out of the forest, the leopard entered the village, attacked and injured the woman

Srijit Awasthi

Pilibhit. Wildlife is continuously flourishing in the better environment of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve of Uttar Pradesh. Pilibhit Tiger Reserve has recently been awarded the TX2 Award due to more than doubling the number of tigers here, but many times the increasing number of animals becomes a cause of trouble for the people of the villages adjacent to the forest. Due to which this Tiger Reserve of Pilibhit is often covered in the news.

The latest case is of Maharajpur village of Rajpur taluk adjacent to the Barahi range of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. Here a leopard came out of the jungles and entered the house and attacked a woman fatally. The woman injured in the Leopard attack is being treated at the Community Health Center.

Injured woman undergoing treatment
Let us tell you that the number of wildlife is continuously increasing in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. There are continuous reports of encroachment from the forest. This is the reason, often wildlife enters the villages adjacent to the forest. Sometimes these wild animals also attack the villagers. This time this incident happened in Maharajpur village of Rajpur taluk of Kalinagar tehsil. Here last night a leopard came out of the forest and entered the population. The leopard entered the house of Ramkaran, a resident of the village, and pounced on his wife, who was working there. During the incident, Ramkaran had gone to the village itself to collect the goods.

When the injured woman and the people around created an uproar due to the leopard’s claw, the leopard ran back towards the forest fearing the noise. The woman was slightly injured in the leopard attack. He is being treated at the nearby Kalinagar Health Center.

On getting information about the incident, forest worker Sandeep Mandal along with his team reached the spot and investigated it.

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