Railways sacked one ‘inefficient or corrupt’ officer every three days in last 16 months

New Delhi. The Railways has sacked an “inefficient or corrupt officer” every three days in the last 16 months. Apart from this, 139 officers are being pressurized for voluntary retirement while 38 have been removed. Sources gave information about this. Sources said that two senior level officers were removed on Wednesday. He said that one of them was caught by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in Hyderabad with a bribe of Rs five lakh while the other was caught in Ranchi with Rs 3 lakh.

An official said, “The (Railways) minister (Ashwini Vaishnav) is very clear about her message of ‘work if not leave’. We have thrown out one corrupt railway official every three days from July 2021. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has recently given very good news for the railway employees. The Railway Minister had given good news for 80,000 employees of the Railways who come under the Supervisor Grade ie Grade 7 of the Railways.

The Railway Minister told in a press conference that the problem regarding promotion has been resolved. The Railway Minister told that there is a cadre of eighty thousand in the Railways, which is the backbone of the Railways. The Railway Minister had said that there was a problem of stagnation in it, that is, he could not get promotion. This problem has been resolved. The way to promote the supervisor grade has now been worked out. Railway Minister told that now level 6 employees will be able to reach level 7 and 8 and some people will be able to reach level 9 as well.

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