Rajasthan: Looting with farmers will be curbed, Agriculture Department launched action hunter


Agriculture commissioner’s instructions not to tag other products with urea and DAP
Fertilizer sellers should ensure to display stock quantity and price list of available fertilizers

Jaipur. The state government has now become strict on the loot being done by the Fertilizer sellers from the farmers for Rabi crops. It may be expensive for the fertilizer sellers to sell any other product along with the fertilizer bags to the farmers. The Agriculture Commissioner has instructed the officials of the department to take strict action on selling any product along with compost bags. Agriculture officers will be able to cancel licenses along with confiscating stocks and imposing fines against fertilizer vendors who sell other items for taking one or more fertilizer bags to farmers.

Agriculture Commissioner Kanaram has said that the fertilizer given to the farmers is a subsidized product. It is illegal to sell any other item along with it to the farmers on purchase of compost bags by the sellers of fertilizers. There is a provision of strict action under the rules against the fertilizer sellers found guilty. In this regard, orders have been issued to the Deputy Directors of Agriculture to take action while instructing the fertilizer supply companies and sellers.

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Increased demand for fertilizers due to increase in sowing area
He told that this year the demand for fertilizers has increased due to increase in the sowing area of ​​rabi crops. It is necessary to make fertilizers available to the farmers on time as per the demand, for which all possible efforts are being made by the State Government as well as the Central Government. But complaints have been received by some companies and fertilizer vendors of tagging and selling other products like Sulphur, Nano Urea, Herbicide, Pesticide, Micro element mixture along with Urea and DAP. Doing so is a clear violation of FCO, 1985 and Fertilizer Movement Order and Essential Commodities Act, 1955.

issued instructions to take strict action
In this regard, the Union Ministry of Fertilizers has also issued instructions not to do tagging and to take strict action against those who do tagging. The Agriculture Commissioner has directed all fertilizer supplier companies and sellers not to tag other products with urea and DAP and all fertilizer sellers should ensure to display the stock quantity and price list of fertilizers available with them. He said that if any complaint is received in this regard, strict action will be taken under FCO, 1985.

Instructions for inspection and monitoring of warehouses
Agriculture Commissioner Kanaram has instructed all Deputy Directors of Agricultural Marketing to continuously monitor the sale of fertilizers during the season by periodically inspecting the establishments and warehouses of authorized fertilizer sellers working in their respective districts. Instructions have been given to tag other products along with fertilizers, take necessary legal action against individuals and institutions doing black marketing and those who sell fertilizers without POS machines, and send the information to the Commissionerate.

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