Rajasthan: The miscreants threatened the Superintendent of Police, sent a letter to the Collector and asked – explain to your SP


The miscreant threatened Bundi Superintendent of Police Jai Yadav
Kotwali police registered a case against the unknown miscreant
Wrote a letter saying that he is ruining our business, it is not right

Bundi. The miscreants who were fearless in Rajasthan have now threatened Bundi Superintendent of Police Jai Yadav (Bundi SP Jai Yadav). An unknown miscreant has sent a letter to the District Collector saying that the incidents of theft and loot in Bundi’s Kapren and Lakheri area have been done by his MP and UP gangs. SP is following his gang. Police is continuously raiding. It will not be good. Collector, please explain. We have not even had any business. SP is going to ruin this business of ours. If you want money from us then contact us. The mobile number is also written in the letter.

The District Collector has sent the letter to the police asking them to take action against the person who wrote the letter. On the instructions of Superintendent of Police Jai Yadav, Kotwali police station has registered a case under section 386 against the unknown miscreant. The police is engaged in the investigation of the whole matter. The police believe that this act could be of a madman. The miscreant has mentioned his name as Paramjit Saluja in the letter. Along with this, he has told his whereabouts to Talwandi of Kota.

The letter is being told 2 days old
In the letter, instructions have been given not to chase the criminals who have committed theft and robbery. This letter is said to be 2 days old. Kotwali police station got it on Friday. The threatening person has written the name of the SP in the letter as Jaidev. On October 20, half a dozen miscreants who came armed with weapons looted 40 three tola gold, 3 kg silver and 57 thousand rupees by taking the couple Deepak Sharma and Kiran Sharma hostage. The police is engaged in the arrest of the robber.

Earlier many leaders have been threatened
It is noteworthy that even before this many leaders in Rajasthan have received threats. Of these, Gehlot government minister Govindram Meghwal has been threatened twice. Those who threatened Meghwal had declared themselves as members of the Sopu gang. But probably this will be the first case in the state when a Superintendent of Police was threatened in this way. However, the police is probing the entire matter.

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