Robber bride! Dreams shattered after marriage, bride absconded with jewelery and cash

Vrindavan, A unique case has come to light from the religious city of Vrindavan. Here a man got married to fill his life with happiness, for which he also gave Rs 1 lakh to the middlemen to get married. But only after seven rounds, the bride became nine-two-eleven with the jewelery and cash kept in the house. At present, the police is talking about investigation and the victim is going round the police station for justice.

The case is of Vrindavan. To start a married life, a man named Santosh happily spent lakhs of rupees, but due to a predatory bride, all his dreams were shattered even before the start of his new life. This case pertains to Gaushala Nagar area of ​​Vrindavan Kotwali.

In relation to the incident, the victim Santosh Kumar Bhagat has filed a complaint in the police station against three nominated people including the newlywed bride. The police is investigating the case.

According to the victim Santosh Kumar Bhagat, two of his nominated neighbors got him married to a girl resident of Aligarh on 15th November. Also took one lakh rupees from him in exchange for getting him married. His new bride, who came home after marriage, was at home till around 11 pm the next day, but when she woke up at around 6:30 am on November 17, she was missing from the house. When she inquired about the house, it was found that she had also taken gold ornaments worth about two lakh rupees kept in the house with her.

The victim has also given that video to the police as evidence, in which the accused neighbor youth is also seen counting money, but after the victim’s complaint letter, the police, while not registering the case, booked one of the two accused youths under section 151. Sent to jail and the victim youth is going round the police station for justice.

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