Russian boy claims he is an alien from Mars will save Earth from nuclear war know the whole matter

The Russia-Ukraine War has put the world on the brink of a nuclear attack. In such a situation, someone claims that he belongs to the planet Mars and has come to save the earth from nuclear annihilation. Having said this a Russian boy has become an internet sensation. The boy claims that he has visited the earth many times. So should it be assumed that he is an alien. Is our earth in trouble? Let’s know about this boy and his claims.

Daily Star’s Report A Russian boy named Boris Kipriyanovich claims that he is not human but an extraterrestrial creature. Something our scientists are searching for on other planets. This boy says he has come here from Mars to save Earth from possible nuclear annihilation. With his unique theory, the child has created a stir on social media. He also has a very good understanding of astronomy.

Boris says that his previous life was on Mars, where he lived with the rest of the people. Claimed that those people can travel from one planet to another. Boris deduces that he is one of the ‘Indigo Children’, sent to Earth to save the human race from extinction. The boy claims to have visited Earth many times, especially during the Lemurian period. The Lemurians are believed to be a hypothetical continent that existed millions of years ago beneath the Indian Ocean.

Also claims to make spacecraft

According to Boris Kipriyanovich, he has also built a spaceship. It has 6 layers. The outer layer is made up of 25% solid metal. The second layer is like 30% rubber. The third layer is 30% metal. The last layer has a special magnetic layer. If it is activated, the vehicle can fly anywhere in the universe.

Mother’s claim, Boris is unique since birth

Boris’s mother says that her child is unique since birth. Babies’ eyes can’t focus on anything after birth, whereas Boris could see his mother focusing. Boris’s mother says that he used to read newspapers at the age of one. He had already started speaking before that. Russia’s Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Russian Academy of Sciences also believe that there are some ‘unusual strong’ vibrations in Boris. Both mother and son are said to be missing now. It has also come to light that they are in an unknown area under the protection of the Russian government.

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