Saharanpur: Mahamandaleshwar Kamal Kishore donated blood for the 151st time, many records in his name

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Saharanpur, Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Saint Shri Kamal Kishore of Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh has donated blood for the 151st time. By doing this, he has registered many records in his name. Saint Kamal Kishore, who considers parents as his source of inspiration, believes that saving the lives of others by donating blood is the greatest virtue.

Mahamandaleshwar Saint Kamal Kishore, the founder of prestigious social and spiritual organization Shoonya, donated blood for the first time at the age of 17. At that time, he used to actively participate in blood donation camps organized in colleges and other institutions. This process, which started at the age of 17, continues unabated even today.

Saint Kamal Kishore said that there is no weakness in the body by donating blood. These are just misconceptions spread in the society. He not only explains to people from time to time through public programs but also motivates them to donate blood.

Who cannot donate blood
Saint Kamal Kishore tells that the person who donates blood should not have any kind of heart disease. Even if you have got tattooed on your body six months ago, you cannot donate blood. If a person is infected with Hepatitis B, C, Tuberculosis (TB), Leprosy and HIV, he cannot donate blood. He keeps giving all this information to the people from time to time through talks, programs and seminars.

Kamal Kishore believes that the governments of the country and the state should include information related to the benefits of blood donation in their curriculum. With this, children will get information about the usefulness of blood donation from the childhood itself. When they reach their young age, they should be aware of blood donation considering their responsibility towards humanity and society.

Will donate blood for the 152nd time
Saint Kamal Kishore is going to organize a huge blood donation camp on 27th November. Dignitaries from far and wide of the country will participate in it. Saint Kamal Kishore has donated blood 151 times and is now preparing to donate blood for the 152nd time.

Saint Kamal Kishore told that some special blood donors will also be included in the blood donation. Such as 129 times platelets and blood donor Satish Sachdeva from Chandigarh, 127 times blood donor Yogesh Agarwal from Dehradun, 103 times blood donor Amit Sethi from Saharanpur, 99 times blood donor Ramesh C Jani from Ahmedabad, 99 times blood donor Dr. Mukul Sharma from Dehradun, Vaishali H Pandya, 54 times blood donor from Ahmedabad, etc. will participate in this huge blood donation camp.

Entered your name in these records
Saint Kamal Kishore, who got his name registered in Indian Achiever Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, India Book of Records, Bravo Book of Records, says that there is only one religion of blood donation, humanity.

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