Shraddha Walker’s letter broke Kangana Ranaut’s heart, wrote- ‘Everything was like a fairy tale for her’


Kangana’s pain spilled over the Shraddha Walker murder case.
Aftab Poonawalla killed Shraddha and cut her into 35 pieces.

Mumbai. The murder of Shraddha Walker and then chopping her into 35 pieces is still troubling people. He got so much pain in return of love that he is now hurting everyone’s heart. Bollywood celebs are also hurt after this murder case came to the fore. Recently, a letter dated 2020 of Shraddha has come to the fore, according to which she had said that Aftab Poonawalla would kill her and cut her into pieces. After reading this letter, Kangana Ranaut’s heart is also in tears. Kangana has written a note sharing Shraddha’s letter on her Instagram story.

After reading Kangana’s note, it seems that she is deeply hurt by this murder. Sharing the photo of Shraddha’s letter, he wrote, ‘This is the letter Shraddha wrote in 2020 seeking help from the police. He always used to scare her and threatened to cut her into pieces. He has written that he used to blackmail her but he did not know how he brainwashed her and took her to Delhi with him. He separated her from the world and took her to the imaginary world.

He had the heart of a woman inside.
Kangana further wrote, ‘We all know that this was done by ‘promising marriage’. She was not weak. She was a girl, born to live in this world but unfortunately had a woman’s heart inside, whose natural instincts are to protect and heal. A woman, just like our earth, has such a womb, which does not discriminate against anyone. She adopts them all, whether they deserve it or not.

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she believed in fairy tales
Extending her point, Kangana further wrote, ‘She used to believe in fairy tales. She believed that the world needed her love. She was the goddess who had the powers to heal wounds. She wasn’t weak, she was a girl who lived in a fairy tale. She was trying to fight the demons hidden within her hero in the fairy tale. We all know that love overwhelms us. She went to great lengths to kill the demons but the hero wanted the demons to win and that’s what happened…’ html

This long post of Kangana tells that she is very angry about this case and she is trying to understand Shraddha’s mental state.

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