Solar snake spotted across Sun surface before coronal mass ejection solar flare see the video

The period of upheavals in the Sun continues. The largest star in our solar system is going through its 11-year cycle. Due to this, the activities occurring in the Sun such as Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) etc. have increased. In another such incident, a wavy stream of plasma can be seen passing through the Sun. It seems as if a snake has suddenly passed through a garden. This video has been made possible with the help of the Solar Orbiter of the European Space Agency (ESA).

of reports accordingsuch an event Sun It is caused by a stream of cold plasma flowing along a long filament of a magnetic field. A cold plasma is a state of matter that is so hot that its electrons are ripped apart. This releases an electrical charge, which interacts with the Sun’s atmosphere and magnetic fields.

According to the European Space Agency, Solar Orbiter saw all this on 5 September. This orbiter in February 2020 Sun Was launched to observe, which is examining the Sun from a distance of about 42 million kilometers. In the video, even though the wavy stream of plasma passes through the Sun in a few seconds, in reality this journey was about 3 hours. This does not mean that the plasma stream was passing very slowly.

The Sun is so huge that the stream passing through it was moving at a speed of 105,000 km per hour in a journey of 3 hours. David Long of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory said that the plasma is flowing from one side to the other. The Sun’s magnetic field is bent, so the plasma is also traveling in the same way and it looks like a snake passing through the Sun.

However, the new observation has worried the researchers. They suggest that the plasma originated from a region in the Sun that later erupted in a coronal mass ejection (CME). CMEs are events that spew billions of tons of plasma into space. If it reaches the Earth’s atmosphere, it can cause temporary radio black outs.

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