Street Food: Cashew-pistachio almond tea is available here in Dhanbad, people get attracted by the name

Mo. Ikram

Dhanbad. You must have heard the names of many types of tea, but have you heard the name of cashew-pistachio almond tea? If not.. then News 18 Local will tell you the specialty of special cashew-pistachio almond tea found in Dhanbad city of Jharkhand. Mukesh Kumar’s tea stall is near Baniyaheer on the Dhanbad-Sindri main road. Where they make people drink cashew and pistachio almond tea. Mukesh claims that there is no tea like the taste of his tea anywhere else in Dhanbad.

Mukesh Kumar told that he has been running a tea stall for the last 20 years. After the sale of pink and tandoori tea started here in the year 2017, it was thought to use them with tea. After that, he experimented by adding cashew, pistachio-almond powder and cardamom to tea, then people liked its taste very much. Since then, the process of making cashew-pistachio almond tea continues.

Thickening in tea
He said that cashew and pistachio almonds are crushed in a mortar (Imamdasta) to make sawdust. It is put in the tea after it is boiled. Along with its taste in tea, there is also a thickness which people like. He said that because of the shop on the Dhanbad-Sindri main road, people stop here and take sips of tea.

this is the price of tea
Mukesh Kumar said that 50 kg milk is consumed daily at his shop. While 750 grams of cashews and 500 grams of pistachios and almonds are used. The cost of tea is 10 rupees in a big cup and 5 rupees in a small cup. People relish this tea with great interest.

The specialty is known from the name
Taking a sip of tea, Rahul Kumar said that the tea has the taste of cashews and pistachios and almonds. Along with this, the thickness also remains. Such delicious tea cannot be made even at home. At the same time, Ejaz Ahmed said that the specialty of this tea is known from the name itself. Its taste is quite famous in the area. The crowd of tea drinkers increases here during the cold days.

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