Street Food: Mutton card of Muzaffarpur is different in taste, its taste will make you crazy

Abhishek Ranjan

Muzaffarpur, Mutton Tash of Muzaffarpur in Bihar is a unique dish among all the mutton found in the country. Here, Laxmi Chowk near MIT has become a special place for people who are fond of mutton. Amar Meat House is one of the oldest shops in this Chowk. People from far and wide come here to eat mutton cards. Amar, the owner of Amar Meat House, told that people like the mutton cards of his shop very much, there is a huge crowd of mutton eaters at the shop from morning till evening. The country’s famous YouTuber has also made a video of this shop of Amar Meat House, which has been seen by millions of people.

Normally it takes an hour or more to prepare and cook mutton, but mutton taash is ready in just 20 minutes. Amar of Amar Meat House says that Mutton Tash is the most delicious dish of mutton which can be prepared in the shortest possible time. He told that special masala is prepared here for making mutton cards. In this, garlic, ginger and meat masala are mainly mixed and mixed in the mutton, then a layer of mutton is spread on the fire after putting oil on the tray and it is cooked for 20 minutes. When the mutton turns rosy red then it is ready to be served.

People eat mutton cards with fried bangles

Many people reach Amar Meat every day to eat mutton cards of Laxmi Chowk. There is an influx of eaters here throughout the day. Most of these people like to eat mutton cards with fried bangles. The number of people who eat mutton cards with bread is very less. On this topic, Amar told that mutton card is a dry item, so it only has gravy roasted in spices of oil, which tastes better with bangles.

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