Students of Kanpur University will learn farming with the help of drone technology, this is how they will get admission

Kanpur. in today’s changing times Drones are being used in many areas. But now the use of drone technology in the agriculture sector is taking agriculture towards modernization. In view of this, Agriculture Honors course has been started in Chhatrapati Shahuji University, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. By taking admission in this, students will be able to get education about the usefulness of drone technology in agriculture. This will not only help in promoting agriculture, but it will also help a lot in employment.

Ankush Sharma, assistant professor of Chhatrapati Shahuji University, told that drone technology is being used in various ways in the agriculture sector. Students will be taught and taught about this. Drone technology is being used in the field from sowing of seeds to spraying of pesticides. Along with this, soil testing works are also being done through drone technology. With this technology, the work of the workers has been made very easy. Now the farmer will not have to depend on laborers for farming. Because the drone is capable of doing the work of many workers alone.

Students will get employment opportunities
With the introduction of drone technology in the agriculture sector, the students who go to the field as agricultural scientists will introduce the farmers to farming with the latest technology. Will prove to be helpful to them. Along with this, they will also create many employment opportunities themselves. They will also be able to open their own entrepreneurial companies. Along with this, they will also get many employment opportunities in the field of drone technology. Along with this, we will also learn to use Artificial Intelligence ie AI.

Learn about the course
This course has been started by Kanpur University in the name of B.Sc Honors in Agriculture. Its session has been started from 2022-23. It is a four year course with a total of eight semesters. For this, you have to apply online on the website of the university Students after intermediate can apply for this course. Its fee has been kept at Rs 40,000 annually.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 24, 2022, 15:14 IST

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