‘Such things are said in elections’: Amit Shah on Rahul Gandhi being compared to Saddam


CM Himanta Biswa Sarma had said that Rahul Gandhi has started looking like Saddam Hussain.
Amit Shah said on this statement that such things happen in elections.
The Congress had expressed its displeasure over this remark of the Chief Minister of Assam.

New Delhi. Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday downplayed a BJP leader’s remark that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s appearance was similar to that of Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussain, saying that such things should not be dragged. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Vishwa Sharma on Tuesday claimed that Rahul looked like the former dictator of Iraq, to ​​which the Congress termed the remark as “disgusting and totally unacceptable”.

At the ‘Times Now Summit’ here, Shah said, ‘Such things should not be dragged. Whenever elections are held, such things are spoken and people also listen to them. People enjoy it. Having believed in this, the vote does not change. Such things are said in elections. Let us inform that recently CM Himanta Biswa Sarma had commented on Rahul Gandhi’s beard.

It is noteworthy that during a public meeting in Ahmedabad, Sharma had said, “I just saw that his (Rahul’s) appearance has also changed. I had said in a television interview a few days back that there is nothing wrong in his new demeanour. But if you have to change your appearance, at least do it like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel or Jawaharlal Nehru. It would have been better if he looked like Gandhiji. But why is your face looking like Saddam Hussain?’

On the other hand, Congress leaders have given a sharp reaction to this statement of CM Himanta. Congress leader Digvijay Singh has said that this is the same person who used to hold the feet of Congress leaders. He should be ashamed, whatever he is today is because of Congress. On the other hand, Congress leader Sandeep Dixit has said that after listening to his statement, one feels like laughing at BJP. Never thought that these people would stoop so low, but their senses have been blown away by the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Their leader had also grown a beard recently. But we didn’t say anything. We will talk about this issue.

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