Suitcase full of body parts found in Haryana forest, is it related to ‘Shraddha murder case’


Suitcase full of body parts found in Faridabad forest
body parts wrapped in plastic and sacks
Clothes and belt found near the suitcase in the jungle

New Delhi. If the suspicion of the Delhi Police turns out to be correct, then another new twist will come in the ‘Shraddha Murder Case’. Actually, the Faridabad police of Haryana have found a suitcase full of body parts in the forest. This suitcase was found in Surajkund forest on 24 November. Police suspect that these could be body parts of 27-year-old Shraddha Walker of Mumbai. Faridabad Police has contacted Delhi Police regarding this.

According to police, body parts were found wrapped in plastic and gunny bags, while clothes and belts were found near the suitcase. Faridabad police say that prima facie it looks as if the person was murdered somewhere else and his body parts were thrown somewhere else. So that no identification can be made. After contacting Faridabad Police, Mehrauli Police of South Delhi reached there and started investigation with them. Let me tell you, the Mehrauli police is investigating the ‘Shraddha murder case’ which shook the country.

months old body found
Regarding this suitcase, the Delhi Police suspects that the body parts found in it may be related to the Shraddha murder case. Sources say that the torso is also found in the body parts found. This torso is months old. At the moment it is also not clear whether this torso belongs to a man or a woman. The police have sent these parts for postmortem. Only then the facts related to it will be clear. On the other hand, the Faridabad police also says that it has preserved some body samples. If Delhi Police needs it, we will give it to them.

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