Swytch kit will convert any bicycle into electric with a range of up to 31 km, know the price

Swytch showcased its electric conversion kit a few months ago and now, the company has launched the kit. The new kit can convert any ordinary bicycle into an electric one. It is extremely compact and is equipped with a 250W geared hub motor. The Switch E-Bike Conversion Kit is capable of delivering a range of approximately 14 km on a single charge and can be extended up to 31 km with the extended battery pack.

The Swytch e-bike conversion kit is priced at $449 (roughly Rs. 36,500). With this price one can convert any bicycle to electric. Although the kit has been launched, it is still available for pre-booking and with a waiting list. At present, the company has not given any exact date regarding the delivery.

The Swytch E-Bike Conversion Kit is a front-wheel drive kit. This involves replacing the entire front wheel of the cycle with the size 13 wheel that comes with the kit. This size is compatible with a wide range of bicycles. Kit includes 250W geared hub motor. It gets a 98kWh capacity battery pack, which comes in the size of a small tablet. It can be fitted in the middle of the handlebar of the bicycle.

The company has stated that the kit with a 36V, 98Wh lithium-ion AIR battery pack is capable of delivering a range of 9 miles (about 14 km). At the same time, with a bigger battery pack option, the range can be increased to around 31 km. The basic battery pack can be fully charged in about 1 hour and the pedal sensor is also included in the kit. This allows the user to use pedal-assist for the bike.

The conversion kit can be easily fitted, the company claims, in minutes. It is compatible with both disc and rim brake setups.

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