Tabassum Govil used to keep a close watch on Bollywood actors, shared hundreds of stories with fans

Bollywood’s famous actress Tabassum Govil has been a well-known heroine of her time. Even on the black and white screen, the nuances of Tabassum’s acting are testimony to the strength of her craft. From the age of 3, Tabassum had become adept at acting in front of the camera and remained in front of the camera till her last breath.

After working in many films, when Tabassum did not get much fame, she turned to TV. Tabassum, who was seen as the host of Doordarshan’s TV show ‘Phool Khile Hai Gulshan Gulshan’, has left this world forever.

Used to keep a close watch on the actors

Tabassum may have stayed away from the acting world for the past few years, but she used to keep a close watch on the actors working in Bollywood. Tabassum used to run a YouTube channel of her own. Through this channel, Tabassum has also introduced us to the lives of all the veteran actors of Bollywood.

Used to introduce famous actors
Tabassum was getting recognized as a TV host. Although Tabassum had also romanced with big actresses in many films. Tabassum also romanced with Salim Khan. Tabassum had a lot of knowledge about Bollywood actors. This is the reason why Tabassum has also shared many aspects related to the lives of many actors playing iconic characters on her YouTube channel.

From Hrithik Roshan’s grandfather Omprakash to Niruppa Roy, Vijay Anand, Mumtaz has been introduced to the lives of many legendary actors. Since Tabassum has been active in Bollywood since many decades ago, her knowledge was also quite solid. Tabassum’s family is also active in Bollywood. Tabassum’s relative Deval Arun Govil has played the famous character Ram in Ramanand Sagar Krit’s Ramayana.

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