These 34 children of Rajasthan have rare diseases, need 25 crores for treatment, waiting for donation


suffering of children with rare diseases
Donation is not coming in the crowd fund plan
Due to lack of money for treatment, the spirits of the family members started breaking.

Jaipur. Rare diseases…that is, those rare diseases which occur to one patient out of thousands or lakhs. Medicines also cost lakhs and crores of rupees for the treatment of such patients. Due to the high cost of treatment, the relatives of the patients are not able to bear this financial burden. To help such patients, the state government has made a crowd funding plan. In that, any person-company can donate to such patients. For this, the Raj-Sambal portal has been created by the state government. Donations can be done for the patients there.

Since this portal has not been given enough publicity yet, due to this only Rs 13 lakh has come through only 34 donations in the last four months. While 34 patients suffering from rare diseases have been enrolled on the portal. He needs the help of about 25 crore rupees. Superintendent of JK Lon Hospital, Jaipur, Dr. RK Gupta said that following the instructions of the High Court, crowd funding is being done for rare diseases. Following the instructions of the state government, JK Loan Hospital has given about one crore rupees from its head.

Donation can be done like this
Raj-Sambal portal has been started by the state government for crowd funding. Its nodal officer Dr. Ashok Gupta has been made. In this portal, complete information about how donation can be done along with the details of the patients has been given. So far 34 patients have been registered on this portal. Of these, the condition of 3 is said to be critical. In rare diseases, patients of SMA type two, Hurler syndrome, Hunter syndrome, Gaucher disease and Pompe disease are more. The estimate of the patient’s disease and treatment is prepared by the team treating rare diseases. You can donate to the selected patient through the portal.

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These patients need money
54 lakh to Khushveer Bhadana, Naveen-36 lakh, Hayan Baig-1 crore 80 lakh, Daksh Gurjar-63 lakh, Labhesh Meena-1 crore 34 lakh, Bunty Saini-1 crore 34 lakh, Rufiyat-50 lakh, Priya Sharma-72 Lakh, Ranjit Chowdhary-72 lakh, Shankarlal Chowdhary-72 lakh, MD Saud-80 lakh, Deepak Meena-1 crore 20 lakh, Mohammad Sarfaraz-80 lakh and Mohammad Danish need Rs 1 crore 20 lakh. Similarly, Ayub Khan was given 80 lakhs, Sajia Bano – 80 lakhs, Mohammad Zaheer – 80 lakhs, Avesh Khan – 40 lakhs, Faheem Rayeen – 80 lakhs, Azaan – 1 crore 20 lakhs, Ayesha Zara – 50 lakhs, Kunal Singh Shekhawat – 50 lakh, Khushnuma-1 crore 20 lakh, Siddharth-1 crore 34 lakh, Sherrill Gupta-72 lakh, Murtaza-40 lakh and Jesus needs Rs 1 crore 34 lakh. Apart from these, Lalit Soni needs Rs 2 crore 66 lakh, Arit Srivastava-72 lakh, Jai Joshi-2 crore, Arsh Khan-36 lakh, Aditya Prajapat-40 lakh, Taimur Ali-80 lakh and Tanishk Singh needs Rs 30 lakh.

The spirits of the relatives of the patients are breaking
Due to non-availability of suitable donation for the treatment of all these patients, the spirits of their families are also breaking. Due to lack of treatment, the health of the children is also deteriorating. In such a situation, the relatives are not able to do anything even after wishing. The relatives of patients registered on the portal have spent a lot on treatment till now. Now his condition is not such that he can get his children treated. In such a situation, these patients and their children need help so that they can be treated.

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