‘This is Allah’s order’, now professor in Darbhanga receives threat of beheading, know the whole matter


Threatening to behead a professor through a letter in Darbhanga.
It was written in the letter threatening to kill – this is the order of Allah.
Darbhanga police has gathered in the investigation of the whole matter and security was given to the professor.

Darbhanga. Professor Prem Moham Mishra, Head of the Department of Chemistry at Lalit Narayan Mithila University, has received threats of beheading. The threat letter has been sent through post. The writer of the letter has given his name as Alam Parvez. In the threatening letter, it has been clearly written that Jihadi will separate the Head of the Department of Chemistry Professor Prem Mohan Mishra from his body. This is the order of Allah and it can happen anytime, anywhere.

In this threatening letter, apart from Prem Mohan Mishra, other members of his family have also been told to behead. The reason for this has also been mentioned in the letter. All this has been written because the writer of the letter has accused Shashi Shekhar Jha, an employee of the department, of talking to a Muslim woman with abusing while demanding his removal from the department.

After receiving the threatening letter, Professor Prem Mohan Mishra made a written complaint about it at the University police station. Along with this, the SSP of Darbhanga has also been informed through social media. But, after all this, there is no valid reason to threaten them. However, since the letter, not only Professor Prem Mohan Mishra is scared, but his entire family is worried about something untoward happening.

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Here, the victim Professor Prem Mohan Mishra himself told how he got the letter and what is written inside the letter. Expressing apprehension of any untoward incident, he said that by writing the letter and looking at the words it shows that the matter is serious. In such a situation, he has complained about the whole matter to the police. He has also demanded the security of the police administration for himself and his family.

Professor Prem Mohan Mishra told that only some knowledgeable person has written this letter. He argued that some things written in the letter are correct, but these are very old things. He was not even posted then. In such a situation, threatening to behead him is beyond comprehension. He has demanded to investigate the whole matter seriously.

In this matter Sadar SDPO Amit Kumar said that investigation has been started regarding the letter. Some old university case is written in the letter, which is being investigated. The SDPO told that the police is closely investigating all the points, even if it is a Jihadi angle. But it is too early to reach any conclusion. The real things will come out only after the investigation. Taking the responsibility of the professor’s safety, he also informed about the security guards being given to him.

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