This scene of Kantara was dangerous, this big accident happened with Rishabh Shetty during the shooting; self disclosed

Actor-filmmaker Rishab Shetty has become popular among people across the country these days through his film Kantara. From his acting to direction and writing, the audience is praising him wholeheartedly. After KGF, Kannada Film Industry has once again left a deep impression on crores of hearts through Kantara. This time Rishabh Shetty’s name has also been included in the list of Kannada’s most famous stars after his stellar performance. Now his fan following is also increasing rapidly, because everyone got goosebumps after seeing his performance. But do you know that behind this incredible performance, Rishabh Shetty’s pain is also hidden, which he has mentioned recently.

360 degree shots were difficult

The ‘Kantara’ star recently said in an interview that both his shoulders were dislocated while shooting for his action sequence in the film. In a conversation with IMDB, Rishabh talked about the scene. He told, ‘The sequence was very difficult because it was a single shot with 360 degree shots and rain effect and it was difficult to carry water to that place. So, we asked the villagers there if we could draw water from the well there. This shoot lasted for 6 to 7 days and we used the water there. By the time the shoot was over, the water in the well had run out, so it was quite hectic.

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Shooting did not stop even after dislocating the shoulder

Rishabh further told that during the shooting, both his shoulders were dislocated, that is, disbalance or say, had gone down, despite this he continued his work. Rishabh says, ‘While practicing for that scene, I had a shoulder problem. My shoulder dislocated during a 360 degree shot. The next day while shooting for another sequence, I dislocated the second sequence as well. Both my shoulders were dislocated but I continued shooting.

Kantara’s life is the climax

Kantara is one of the biggest box office successes of the year. Its climax fight scene has received special praise. An attempt was made to show the culture and faith at the grassroots level, which caught the attention of the audience. Many big stars and directors of the country have told it to be seen in theatres. South star Rishab Shetty starrer is in discussion these days due to its different story line. low budget This film made in 1970 is making new records of success and till now it has done a business of more than 400 crores worldwide. It has been released on the OTT platform from today.

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