This time the production of mosquitoes has increased, bites are also more, NVBDCP explained the reason

New Delhi. Diwali has not got rid of mosquitoes even after one month, on the contrary, more mosquitoes would be seen buzzing around than in other years, this is because this time the production of mosquitoes has been very high in many states of the country. . If the experts of the National Center for Vector Borne Disease Control are to be believed, this time a significant number of mosquitoes are being seen as compared to the last several years. Health experts say that perhaps this is the reason that not only in Delhi-NCR but also in other states of the country, this time the number of patients of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya and malaria has also increased. Till October 2022 itself, more than one lakh 10 thousand cases of dengue have come in the country, while about the same number of suspected cases of Chikungunya have also been found.

news18 hindi in conversation with Senior Specialist, NVBDCP Told that this year, especially in Delhi-NCR, the production of mosquitoes has increased. Among these mosquitoes, there are also mosquitoes that spread dengue and chikungunya. However, it is a matter of relief that the number of mosquitoes which are being seen in NCR is more in the mosquitoes which spread elephantiasis or filariasis. Wherever these mosquitoes bite, the feet of the patient become very thick, although due to the weakness of the infection capacity of these mosquitoes, no effect of the disease is being seen due to their bite.

This is how the increase in the number of mosquitoes came to know
Dr. tells that the team of NVBDCP detects the breeding of mosquitoes in the water of many areas. In such a situation, if there are two to four mosquito larvae in a sample of water, then it is less, if it is 15-20, then it is fine, whereas if it is countless, then it is believed that the breeding of mosquitoes is very good and after growing up The larva will turn into a mosquito and infect people. This time also countless or more larvae have been seen at many places.

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These are the reasons for the increase in the production of mosquitoes
Dr. says that there are many factors behind the increase in the number of mosquitoes. The most important of these is the delayed monsoon this time. This time, heavy rains were witnessed in October, which was late in terms of weather. Not only this, temperature is also a reason for mosquitoes not dying and living longer. This time there was no significant decrease in the temperature even in November. The winter is still short, so all the mosquitoes that have been born are living their lives and because of this they are biting more. Along with this, the third reason is the migration of people, due to which there is not enough attention on cleanliness and water drainage and mosquitoes have flourished.

Delhi’s drainage system is a big problem
Experts say that Delhi’s drainage system is not scientific. It is very poorly made. Because of which mosquitoes continue to thrive in it. Here even a little rain becomes a major reason for waterlogging and there is no drainage facility. Apart from this, people are also responsible to some extent for not maintaining cleanliness. This is also a big fact that this time mosquito control was not done very deeply. It is the job of the state governments to make people aware before the rainy season, get fogging done and do not allow water to accumulate anywhere in public places. Along with this, get random checking done in homes, impose fines so that people follow the rules.

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