Tiger, panther and hyena sightings in Sariska Tiger Reserve in a single day, tourists enthralled

Alwar, There are 25 tigers, more than 200 leopards and more than 200 hyenas in the Sariska Tiger Reserve area located in Alwar district of Rajasthan. But, there are few such occasions when tourists get to see all these top three carnivorous animals in a single day. The tiger roaming in the forests can be easily sighted in Sariska. But, leopards and hyenas roaming in the hilly areas and foothills are rarely seen. In such a situation, if these three are seen on one day in a safari, then it is going to delight and thrill the tourists.

Sariska’s nature guide Lokesh Khandelwal told that during the safari in the park last Saturday evening, there were sightings of tiger, panther and hyena at different points. Tourists captured all three carnivorous animals in their cameras. He told that he gives safaris to the tourists every day. But, it has happened very few times when all these three animals can be sighted in a single day.

Easy sighting of tigers
Lokesh Khandelwal told that the sighting of tigers is happening easily in this season. Sighting of other tigers including Tiger ST-15, Tiger-21, Tiger ST-9, Tiger ST-7 is being done easily. Many times tigers come in front of gypsies conducting safaris.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 24, 2022, 14:02 IST

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