Traveling will be easy in Moradabad! The app will tell where there is a jam, this is the plan of the UP police…

Piyush Sharma

Moradabad. Uttar Pradesh Police, which is becoming hi-tech by continuously imbibing technology, will now also give traffic alerts. For this, the police have signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Map My India at the headquarters level. After this, any person will be able to plan his journey accordingly by getting traffic updates on his mobile phone. Often, due to lack of information, people get stuck in jams on the National Highway, State Highway or the roads inside the city during the journey. This wastes a lot of their time. Many apps present in the mobile show the way, but the information about jam, construction work etc. is not visible in them.

UP Police has entered into an agreement with Map My India to provide safe traffic system to the citizens. With this, people will get all the traffic alerts after downloading the Maples app in mobile. Along with showing the way, this map will also tell where the jam is happening. Or where the road is closed due to construction work. The road a person is going through. In this, information about the maximum speed limit, accident prone area, sharp turns, speed breakers, potholes etc. will also be found on this app. Not only this, any person will also be able to see information about potholes, accidents or jams on the road through this app. For this only you have to create your ID on that app.

Get all the route information

With the help of Maples app, the police will be able to give alerts about processions, protests, rallies, VIP movement, road closures, diversion etc. Information related to road safety like black spot, dangerous turn, speed limit, accident prone area etc. will also be given through the app. The app will also give information about alternative routes if any person on the map is blocked due to road blockade, traffic jam or construction work.

Easy access to information from the app

With voice navigation on the app, you will be able to take necessary alerts so that you can easily reach your destination. Through the app, you will be able to report traffic related issues like speed, parking area, water logging, road condition and hazards, grid lock, traffic light failure, accident etc. View incident location tracking and fastest route options for emergency services to reach the incident site/destination.

Citizen Center will get better technology

Moradabad Range DIG Shalabh Mathur said that an MoU has been signed by the Traffic Department from DG Headquarters level for Make My India. In which gazetted officers came from the range. Traffic people were involved. Along with this, an interface option has been given for how we can organize, facilitate and control the traffic. Through this the policemen can be informed about the activity of the city. We are confident that with the use of such technology, we will prove to be better in providing technology to the Citizen Center.

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