Twitter Jail: Users will be put in ‘Jail’! but why? Know what is Twitter Jail

Ever since Elon Musk took ownership of Twitter, we have been hearing or reading about the new changes happening in the micro-blogging site. Elon Musk asked people to come up with new ideas to improve Twitter, and since then users have been pouring in suggestions. One of the latest suggestions in this series of suggestions is ‘Twitter Jail’. This will be a virtual jail, which will be a form of account ban, where the user will be locked in a virtual jail for violating the company’s policy. Let us tell you about this suggestion.

A Twitter user Emmett (@EMTSLA) gave the idea to Elon Musk that he should bring the Twitter Jail feature on this platform, where the user will be locked in a virtual jail for violating the company’s policy, that is, the user can use his account on Twitter for any reason. Will not be able to do any kind of activity.

According to the user, users can be put in ‘Twitter Jail’ for improving the micro-blogging site. He also said that the user going to ‘Twitter Jail’ should be given all the reasons, like why he has been banned and till when his account will be free.

The user also shared a picture where Elon Musk’s profile picture has jail bars above it and it is written in capital letters “Account in Twitter Jail.”

In response, the Twitter owner said that he agrees with this. He completed his talk with only the word ‘Agree’.

As we mentioned, Musk is constantly taking suggestions from users on Twitter, so that existing features of the platform can be improved, or new features can be added. Twitter is considering making DM end-to-end encrypted in the coming times, so that users’ Twitter messages are not leaked.

In addition, the conversion of long-form text into threads has also been confirmed. Right now users get a limit of 280 characters for tweets, but soon the company will increase it. At the same time, there is a paid subscription in the implemented features, where the users blue tick have to pay for it and in the coming time users will pay for their own account verified Will be able to get it done. However, at present it has been temporarily stopped.

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