Uproov: Proving Yourself with Blockchain

Uproov Blockchain Technology:- Uproov, pronounced “you prove”, is a startup based on blockchain technology, the same technology used by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As the name suggests, it gives the user an interface to prove itself. You can upload photos, videos, documents, or any file and it will be time stamped in the blockchain, making it unique.

Where will it be used?

Since Uproov works on Blockchain technology, it has an immense number of uses, whether it be for personal usage or being used for notary purposes. Moreover, it will provide a sort of copyright of the content to the user. If a copy of data is posted on the blockchain the system will red flag it stating it to be a copy, therefore it will be very useful in notary purposes as any modification done to the main copy of a document will be shown directly to the user. Data uploaded on this blockchain technology can not be altered or edited in any way, which adds a plus point for its usage in official works.

Using this technology in day-to-day life would make things easier for example, while claiming insurance for your damaged car it becomes very difficult to prove your side to the insurance companies, often insurance companies refuse claims blaming them to be falsely made. However, one can use Uproov to take a picture of the car at the time of the accident and prove their side with evident proof as in blockchain the picture will be time stamped to the exact second of the accident. It can also be used for taking proofs of transactions, hiring employees, or even time stamping your memories.

Every piece of data uploaded on this technology is given an Ezy ID, which distinguishes the same. When one uses the app for clicking a picture or recording a video, it encrypts the data and saves it on the device, and then uploaded it on the blockchain with generated Ezy ID. Ezy ID can be used to trace the data on the blockchain, it can be typed on the website and the website displays information on the data stored with the Ezy ID.

Founder of Uproov

Uproov was developed by Ledger Assets Pvt. Ltd. and launched in December 2015. Gov van Ek and John Bulich of Perth, Australia, developed the app seeking its wide usage in notary and official purposes. In the words of the founders, data uploaded in This technology was unhackable since it was uploaded in the blockchain and blockchain can not be hacked.

Uproov for Android

Unfortunately, now Uproov is not available on the App store. It was launched on December 18, 2015, on the App Store for iPhone, it was last updated on September 14, 2017, and now it has been removed from the App store. It got a late release in July 2017 for the Android Play Store, however, it was later discontinued similarly. Its website is also now withdrawn from the world wide web and the domain stands unowned. The app was a good start-up but couldn’t compete with the hopes of the user, hence was ultimately discontinued.