Urfi Javed will no longer get entry in UAE, problem due to name not strange fashion

New Delhi- Urfi Javed’s troubles seem to be increasing these days, but this time the reason for Urfi’s troubles is not her clothes or her look, but her name. Now you must be thinking that how can someone get into trouble because of his name. Come, let us tell you what is the whole matter.

Urfi Javed’s problems have increased due to the change in the rules of the Arab country. According to the new rule of Arab country, now Arab has banned the entry of Indians with single name on passport. Urfi Javed informed by putting a story on Instagram that she will never be able to go to UAE.

Urfi writes in her story, ‘My official name is now just UORFI.’ Due to the new rules, Urfi Javed can never go to Arabia. Actually, Urfi had changed his name a few days ago. Along with this change, Urfi had added ‘O’ to the English letters of his name. He had also made this change in all his documents. Urfi Javed’s passport also now has his new name. Along with this change, he removed Javed from the passport. Now this change is getting very boring for Urfi.

(Photo courtesy-instagram @urf7i)

On November 21, Air India and AI Express announced that the UAE Immigration Department would not allow Indians with a single name on their passports.

Urfi Javed remains very active on social media. She keeps sharing every information related to her life on social media. Recently, she made a lot of headlines due to her latest look. Sometimes Urfi is seen wearing a mobile phone top and sometimes she is seen wearing a bandage dress.

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