VIDEO: Golu Gold-Shilpi Raj’s new Peediya song Bawal, traditional tune and romance will be seen in the video!

Bhojpuri actor and singer Golu-Gold is known for his excellent songs and voice. In such a situation, now his new Bhojpuri video song has been released in Khati Bhojpuria style. His new song is Peediya Geet. It is creating a ruckus as soon as it is released. Traditional tunes and romance are adding to it. In the video, Golu is adding a tremendous amount of romance with actress Ritu Chauhan. The lyrics of his song are ‘Bhukhal Bani Pidiya’.

The video of Bhojpuri song ‘Bhukhal Bani Pidiya’ has been released by GMJ-Global Music Junction. It is seen in the song that Golu Gold is putting tremendous romantic chemistry with actress Ritu Chauhan Video. Both the actors are showing great chemistry. This Bhojpuri Peediya song has been his. The popular Rudravrat is also called Peediya Vrat, mostly girls do it. Through this fast, sisters wish for the happiness, long life and prosperity of their brothers. On this occasion, a new video song of Golu Gold has been released. In this, actress Ritu Chauhan has shown amazing chemistry with him, which looks tremendous. Its video has been shot with a traditional tune. Its music is of Khati Bhojpuri, which sounds amazing. People are lavishing love on this. It has got a lot of views in a short time.

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The song ‘Bhukhal Bani Pidiya’ is sung by Golu Gold and Shilpi Raj Golu Gold-Shilpi Raj Songs). It is being liked a lot in both the voices. His voice is touching the heart. Its lyrics have been written by Krishna Bedardi. The music director is Satrohan Ji On Party. Video directors are Sushant Singh and Kumar Chandan. The creative director is Pankaj Soni. Choreographer is Deepak. Producer is Rajkumar Singh.

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