Viral Video: Delhi constable caught chain snatcher in film style, accused confessed 11 incidents


Police constable Satyendra caught chain snatcher in Delhi
constable caught bike rider in film style
Fought the criminal without caring for his life

New Delhi. A Delhi Police constable bravely caught a chain snatcher, his video is becoming increasingly viral. Shahbad Dairy police station was informed that a bike-borne chain snatcher had snatched a woman’s chain. After this Constable Satyendra had reached the spot. Only then did he see that a bike rider with a handkerchief tied on his face was passing in front of him, but seeing the police in front, he was also scared. Bus constable Satyendra immediately tried to catch the bike rider. However, while doing so, he lost his balance and lost his bike. But Satyendra showed courage and caught the bike rider.

This constable of Delhi Police is being praised a lot on social media. People have called him a hero and some have called him brave. Delhi Police has shared the video of this incident on its Twitter account. Seeing this video, it will be felt that it is a shooting scene of a South film which is happening in reality. Like the superstars of South India, Constable Satyendra nabbed the criminal without caring for his life.

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