Weather: Winter started showing in Rajasthan, there was a difference of 20 degrees in day and night temperature


Winter camped in Rajasthan
started shivering in the morning
Temperature likely to fall further in coming days

Jaipur. The weather has taken a turn in Rajasthan. Winter has started camping in Marudhara. After the snowfall in the mountainous areas, now the cold winds have started turning towards the Thar desert. Due to this, the night and morning temperature of all the cities of the state has dropped very fast. The lowest temperature in Rajasthan was recorded at Fatehpur in Shekhawati on Tuesday morning. There, after late night on Tuesday, the mercury fell down to 3 degrees. Due to this, the chill of winter has increased a lot.

The morning temperature in Sikar’s Fatehpur was 3.8 degrees on Wednesday. This is the lowest temperature recorded so far this season. In Sikar, there has been a continuous drop in temperature for the last 3 days. At the same time, a significant drop in day and night temperatures is also being recorded in Sriganganagar. The day temperature in Sriganganagar is 25 and the night temperature is around 11 degree Celsius. Now people have started resorting to bonfire.

morning fog cover in jaipur
The temperature in the capital Jaipur was around 10 degrees on Wednesday morning. A difference of two degrees is being seen in the temperature in urban areas and rural areas. Due to the cold, there was a blanket of fog in the capital Jaipur on Wednesday morning. The Meteorological Department has warned that the temperature may drop by three degrees in the coming days. At the same time, the Health Department has also issued an advisory alerting people about seasonal diseases.

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More difference is being seen in mercury of day and night
The Health Department has warned that these days the biggest difference is being seen in the temperature of day and night. If you look at the condition of the capital Jaipur, the temperature has been recorded here up to 30 degrees during the day and up to 9 degrees at night. A change of 20 degree temperature in day and night mercury can become a cause of trouble for people’s health. In these circumstances, it has been advised to take special precautions for the elderly, children and the sick.

Strictness increased regarding the arrangement of night shelters
At the same time, strictness has been increased by the district administration and the municipal corporation regarding the arrangement of night shelters in the capital Jaipur. On behalf of the District Collector, the concerned officers have been asked for surprise inspection. Instructions have been given by the Municipal Corporation to pay attention to the arrangement of food in the night shelters. With the changing season, the market of warm clothes has also started coming on the boom.

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