Will be able to travel sleeping in Vande Bharat Express, there will be berths, know when will it come on the track?


Railway’s decision keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers
Vande Bharat with sleeper coach can travel day and night

New Delhi. Soon passengers will be able to travel in Vande Bharat Express even lying down. By making some changes in the coach, berths will be installed in it. The time for the train with the first sleeper coach to reach the track has been fixed. These trains will travel long distances, in which day and night travel can be done. These coaches are being manufactured at ICF Chennai. Passengers’ time will be saved in commuting through Vande Bharat.

According to the Ministry of Railways, at present all Vande Bharats are chaircar only, that is, one can travel by sitting in it. The stations from where these trains run, return to those stations at night. Now the Railways will make changes in Vande Bharat. That is, there is a plan to run these trains like Rajdhani. Which will run day and night. In which people will be able to travel while sleeping.

Vande Bharat with sleeper coach coming on track

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According to the Ministry of Railways, the time for Vande Bharat Express with sleeper coach to come on the track has been fixed. This train will come on track before April next year. It will have sleeper coaches like Rajdhani. But it will be possible to reach its destination in less time as compared to the capital. These trains will be equipped with modern facilities.

Vande Bharat is running on these routes

The country’s first semi high speed train i.e. Vande Bharat Express is currently running on five routes. The first Vande Bharat left for New Delhi-Varanasi. Second New Delhi-Shri Vaishno Devi Mata, Katra third Gandhinagar to Mumbai, fourth New Delhi to Amb Andaura station Himachal and fifth Chennai-Mysuru, which is South India’s first Vande Bharat.

Features of Vande Bharat Express at present

The new Vande Bharat Express is light and can reach a speed of 100 km in just 52 seconds. At present, all Vande Bharat trains are fully air-conditioned and have automatic doors. The chair of Vande Bharat train can be rotated up to 180 degrees. The train has GPS based information system, CCTV cameras, vacuum toilets. It also has a power backup system. This train is equipped with safety cover. Full care has been taken to make the passengers feel safe during the journey. It also has the facility of push button stop. In case of any emergency, the train can be stopped by pressing a button

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