Will Smith showed the scars on his body, fans could not believe it

New Delhi: The digital release date of Will Smith’s action thriller ‘Emancipation’ is getting closer. Just weeks before its premiere, the Hollywood actor took to social media to give fans a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes moments from the upcoming film. Will Smith, who played the role of a brave slave in ‘Emancipation’, is shown injured in several scenes of the film. It was her make-up artist’s magic that made the fake wounds look real and believable, allowing Smith to get into character.

The actor thanked his make-up artist Jude for his skill. In the post, there is a picture of Will Smith in which injury marks are visible from his chest to his waist. Sharing the picture, the actor wrote, ‘Judy has done my makeup on almost all my films and let me tell you that she has done a wonderful job in ‘Emancipation’. Fans are surprised to see his bruises. They are unable to believe that these marks are fake.

(Photo Credits: Instagram @willsmith)

In the trailer for ‘Emancipation’, Will Smith’s Peter not only fends off hunters, but also the treacherous people of Louisiana in his quest for salvation. The shot clip shows his character properly. Smith says in a dialogue, ‘They beat me, they whipped me, they broke the bones of my body many times, but they will never break me.’

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The film is inspired by the real-life story of Peter, who searches for a way to escape from slavery. ‘Emancipation’ will be released in select theaters on 2 December. Then, the film will start streaming globally on Apple TV+ from December 9.

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